About us

Garzon Furniture Corporation is the successor of a company established in 1949, which had the aim of being the number one in the residential furniture field. It was a booming company for more than 55 years in Hungary.

The company got fully re-structured in 2004 and since then with continuous investment in production, know-how and sales network set-up, it has became one of the leaders in the public and commercial furniture sector.

GFC is a member of the Garzon Group, which is a 100% Hungarian owned, financially stable company with a long term view on domestic and foreign markets.



Predecessor company of Garzon Furniture was established with the aim of producing residential, school and shop furniture. It was a small manufacture site struggling with all the supplier and planned economy problems of the age.


with government subsidy the new production plant was built on Bakony street, on a total of 6400 m2. 
Background: this was a new era in the Hungarian furniture industry. Due to the so-called Ratko-er there was a baby-boom and the government decided to intervene in the housing market, thus the furniture industry, to respond to increased demands.


the start of the industrial production, characterized by big a production capacity in a short period of time. This was important for the modular/component system furniture production for residential houses.


development of GARZON modular residential furniture system.


development of the first ALFA office furniture system

1977 - 78

export growth towards Poland, Czechoslovakia, The Soviet Union and Bulgaria


the first USD base export sales to the former Yugoslavia


the company name was changed to Garzon Bútor, the same year the first own branded furniture shop was opened.


change of the political system in Hungary


the company changed into a joint-stock company


privatization of the company. The company becomes a significant participant of public projects in Hungary.


sales drop due to the new economical restriction package.


closure of previous 6400 m2 production plant, establishing of a smaller 4400 m2 production site.


the company was restructured that resulted in two successor companies, Garzon Bútor ZRt as a producer and Garzon KFT as a trading company


Asset KFT a real estate company of the group was established


G-Green Kft


the Garzon group owns 4 companies of different profile The same year Garzon Bútor Zrt returns to the market as a manufacturer and trading company


full reconstruction of the production site, high tech, automatic, computer controlled machines.

2018 - 19

Garzon Furniture Corporation winner in several German Public Projects


the new metal division was established in Tamási.

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Our vision

Focusing on individual needs when we create office and healthcare spaces as well as social and cultural environments

Offering competitive pricing in component or end-to-end solutions

Being reliable partners in custom made projects worldwide

Sustaining high technology, know-how, quality and ecology in production

Reacting immediately to customer needs and market requirements

Our future is the education of the coming generations so our task is to offer perfect space solutions on all levels of education


The GFC production plant is the key site of the future strategy with wide production capacity and a really fast changing and flexible working method. We operate with the latest technologies in addition to that all of it is in the hands of highly qualified employees. It enables us to respond to any upcoming market demands.

Ecology, sustainability
and social responsibility

Ecology and sustainability are key factors for the Garzon Group as a producer, employer and project manager.

GFC follows a step-by-step, long term sustainability program to create a liveable environment for upcoming generations.

We continuously keep ecology in mind:
- During the whole production process from purchasing, through product development to packaging GFC takes utmost care to the use of low emission materials.
- GFC was the first producer to apply ISO 9001 in Hungary, and it owns an FSC certification and ISO14001.
- The whole Garzon Group practices selective waste management.
- We keep dust emission under the threshold limit.

Garzon Group regards social responsibility as its long term vision. Our main areas of interest spans from sponsorships, the support of sport clubs and young talents program, the support of retired Garzon employees, supporting schools, collaboration with universities, or blood donating programs.